Really…? An Eyebrow clinic? Is there something like that? Those were the questions that were thrown across me when I shared my idea with some of the people who actually didn’t knew me well. But my colleagues were open to this idea. They knew how I arrived at it and why. I had been working at a Skin and hair clinic in Pune where I primarily looked after the patients with hair issues. Many a times I would come across resistant cases of alopecia areata where patients had lost their eyebrows and no medical treatment was getting them back what they wanted, the well laid out set of hair framing their eyes- The eyebrows. Many patients had lost their confidence due to that. Many of these were still fine with loss of scalp hair because they could cover it up with scarf or a cap but the eyebrow loss showed up right on their face and this distressed them because people would question them a lot and used to connect it with some kind of cancer and what not.

Why is eyebrow so important? What difference does it make to the face?

If you realise, other than its functional use on the face it does play a big role in social life of a person as well. Eyebrows express emotions of a person like no other feature of face can. When you are happy, your body opens up and so does your eyebrows. When you are sad, your body language is droopy and so are the eyebrows. Be it excitement, be it anger, be it frowning, whatever emotion you may think of, Eyebrows are the prime mechanism of expressing them. Try it out ! Who would not want this capacity of expressing emotions to be revived.

It was then, back in 2016 while searching for solutions for loss of eyebrows to alopecia areata that I came across what is called with many names: Microblading, micropigmentation, eyebrow permanent makeup, and I researched a lot about it and once I felt that i have learned and practiced enough, I did it on a patient who had very scanty eyebrows. The patient was very happy with the results. But I wasn’t really satisfied with results. I was expecting more finesse from my work. So I decided to take a formal training in the field and headed to Bangkok for a course in micropigmentation. This course introduced me to various facets of Permanent makeup industry.

After I came back, I started offering the treatments for both restorative and cosmetic clients. Since I had long experience in working on Bo.tox lift of eyebrows and other corrections with medical techniques I was in a position to provide a comprehensive solution for eyebrow issues of patient. As I followed the latest updates in the field from various international sources and forums, I was sure that this is something which requires a dedicated setup and time and resource investment. That is when I came up with idea of setting up a dedicated Eyebrow Clinic- Browtannica offering micropigmentation and allied aesthetic and restorative services for eyebrow enhancement.

We also offers subsidised restorative micropigmentation procedures to patients suffering from alopecia areata and cancer through its associate non profit initiative Hellopecia. The road is wide open ahead, and the field of micropigmentation is expected to see a sharp rise in near future. To cater to this demand, and maintain high standards in aesthetics and hygiene, Browtannica’s academic associate AcadMiPi, has started a special wing- Browcademy offering detailed courses in the signature Browkraft technique to the interested candidates. From a small abstract idea to today Browtannica, with its signature Browkraft technique, is emerging as the most sought after Eyebrow micropigmentation brand in India.

By: Dr. Gaurav Raj Chhabra

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