Browtique® by Browtannica™, India’s earliest and most progressive Eyebrow permanent makeup clinic offers an encyclopedic approach for both cosmetic and restorative enhancement of eyebrows.

At our flagship Clinic in Pune, India, we offer our highly refined Browkraft®, that skillfully blends the intricate art of microblading, ombre and nano stroke techniques to offer you the most natural looking enhanced eyebrow experience.

Most Popular Services at Browtannica

Browtannica’s interlocked nano hair-stroke technique offers you the most natural looking eyebrow enhancement. Its a great choice for creating an appearance of thicker density or to restore perfect form and shape of an eyebrow. Microblading like look can also be achieved by machine nano-strokes.

Ombre Eyebrows gives a dusty, powdery effect of a subtle makeup to your eyebrows. One may as well choose to go for a bit more saturated and bolder looks while maintaining the Ombre gradient for a natural appeal.

The best of both worlds, Hybrid Eyebrow Permanent makeup combines both the hair stroke and shading methods to give you the bolder brows that you may desire.

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