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At Dermakraft we strongly believe that as an Integral micropigmentation company with a wide portfolio of quality micropigmentation services and the hold we have on technique, skills and other resources, we can positively affect many patients’ life. Hence we chose to extend our non-profit micropigmentation services to serve the patients who lost their nipple areola complex in their successful fight against cancer. Many of the patients who undergo breast cancer surgery and reconstruction, desire to achieve the appearance of breasts as close to their previous normal self. Nipple/ areola restoration signifies not only the final step in reconstruction process and a victory over the sufferings from breast cancer but it also strengthens the self image and confidence of many such patients. Bud in the Nip, is a dedicated self-sustaining not-for-profit subsidiary of Dermakraft micropigmentation cluster, offering highly subsidized yet high quality non-surgical NAC restoration procedures primarily to post-operative Breast cancer patients.

Bud In the Nip’s subsidized services include

Micropigmentation based NAC restoration is an instant and side effect free procedure that can not only restore the appearance of important physical feature but as well restores the confidence of many who are distressed by loss of it.

Suitably planned microneedling procedures for scar tissue at reconstruction site can make the scar less conspicuous and offer aesthetic improvement in the final results of mastectomy.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition in which pigmentation is lost from the skin in patches. Loss of pigment from areola can make it look invisible and often cause psychological stress to the patients. Stable areola vitiligo that has not responded to conventional medical treatments can be corrected by restorative re-pigmentation of areola.

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