Community Services

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In the field of Aesthetics medicine and beauty, it’s a constant struggle to define what exactly the ‘beauty’ means. But beyond that quest, we often come across situations where we know that patient’s wish to undergo a procedure is not just out of a desire to enhance his/ her looks, but rather is aimed at restoring the features that are lost or are undesirably affected due to some or the other medical condition or injury etc. Dermakraft, as a socially responsible venture, works towards not only creating body-positive social environment through community awareness but also intends to support the deserving patients in need of restorative procedures. Two of the Dermakraft holdings work exclusively in non profit sector and offer its services at highly subsidized prices to the deserving candidates.

These non profit ventures benefit numerous patients with medical conditions such alopecia areata totalis, chemotherapy related massive hairloss and those who may require post mastectomy areola restoration.