Follicraft is one of the fastest growing micropigmentation brand in Dermakraft’s portfolio. What makes Scalp micropigmentation such a sought after treatment?

Only someone who has experienced hair-loss would know how it feels to be going bald. While some get in terms with it, but for others it is not only a physical cosmetic condition but has as well a strong impact on their social life. This sometimes leads to extreme stress and lack of confidence, specially in young people. Such people seek doctor’s advice to control or reverse their hair fall. On date only two FDA approved drugs are available for sale on prescription with numerous other adjunct treatments options in form of lotions, serums and supplements etc. Many of these come with their own side effects and often quite a few people are not up for consuming pills as part of their daily routine. The other option is Hair transplant, but not all candidates have a donor area good enough to give a thick density. For such people Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) OR Hair Tattoo as it is commonly called, is a great option. Why is it a great option? Let’s explore;

1. If done in medical grade hygienic conditions, after proper history, there are no side effects.

2. The procedure is practically painless and there is no bleeding as SMP involves working on outer layers of skin.

3. The results are instant. Right after the first sitting you can appreciate the difference.

4. Can give great results even for people with high grade of baldness.

5. If rightly done by a trained and experienced service provider, it can give natural appearance of a shaved head full of hair.

6. One of the best part is there is no routine to follow or pills to pop. Once healed you can indulge in your favorite sports, be it running, sweaty work outs, swimming or any other extreme sports under the sky.

7. It is long lasting. A properly done SMP should stay anywhere on positive side of four to five years. A touch-up with your technician after that and you are all set for many more years

These are some of the main reasons due to which SMP is getting popular all across the world with each passing day. Follicraft, was established as a pioneering dedicated SMP clinic in India, and with its signature Hair-Inkplant technique it strives to offer the most natural SMP results for its clients, whatever be the grade of baldness.

So what are you waiting for? Get on with the Buzz!

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