Like else where, Social media has played a major role in popularising the Micropigmentation procedures in India. Since year and a half or so, across all the major cities of India, the number of queries related to various micropigmentation procedures is on a constant rise. Specially in demand are Eyebrow microblading and vitiligo camouflage. Scalp micropigmentation is picking up as well at a fast pace. The micropigmentation industry in India is expected to see a steep rise in next few years and it is the right time for those who are either already into beauty business or even those who are looking forward to explore a new independent career option for themselves, to get themselves trained and start building up their portfolio, so that they are at a positive advantage when the industry is booming.

As a trained micropigmentation artist you have a choice to either join as a resident micropigmentation artist at an established cosmetic clinic, beauty saloon or set up your own studio and as well freelance.
Many artists have their favourite micropigmentation procedures and sometimes they chose to focus their career exclusively in that particular field. This may be PMU, SMP or Medical micropigmentation etc. Usually one finds his/ her call during the training course itself or later during active micropigmentation practice.

Other than the basic infrastructure the cost of setting up your own setup depends on the quality of equipment and material that you chose. One of the most important investment though is a high quality training. Many practitioners try to learn the basics from online videos, but they soon realise that its the hands on training under the guidance of experienced micropigmentation practitioner that imparts the right skills and knowledge to make the right cut in the industry.
Dermakraft from the very start has focused on providing quality care and services through its various holdings and lately with the establishment of its academic wing – ACADMiPi has announced its foray into high quality yet affordable training for aspiring micropigmentation professionals in India.

ACADMiPi has received students from various countries and professional backgrounds ranging from cosmetic physicians, dermatologists, beauty professionals to tattoo artists of repute.
Some of the students felt so ready after the course that within a weeks time they earned back more than what they had invested in for the course fees! ACADMiPi strives to train its students not only for a successful career in the field but also to instill a progressive and ethical approach to be able to rise as innovators in the field.
So if you consider yourself ready, this is the right time to take a step ahead into the micropigmentation industry. Training, practice, quality, empathy and innovation are some key words that shall help you move forward in this field!

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