Every thing you wanted to know before planning a career in field of Micropigmentation 

The permanent makeup and micropigmentation industry is on verge of a boom in India. Candidates from various background are exploring to make a career in this field. In such a scenario it is important that right information about training courses is available. We have put together a list of dozen important points you must go through before taking a plunge.
1. What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is an emerging field of cosmetic practice in which the treatments are performed by implantation of pigments in the upper layers of skin for the purpose of restoring or enhancing the aesthetic features. Though the micropigmentation procedures have been around since many decades, its renewed popularity is due to the fame of Eyebrow permanent makeup (read- Microblading), that is quite a trend in fashion circles on Social media over last many years. This coupled with numerous positive advances in the field such as pigment formulations and finer instruments, has put forth the field of micropigmentation at an international pedestal as a choice of profession for the interested candidates.

Lip permanent makeup training India
Lip permanent makeup
2. What are the areas of expertise in Micropigmentation and permanent makeup that one may choose from?

There are various specialized fields that come under the vast domain of Micropigmentation. Some of them are:

A. Permanent makeup
Permanent makeup uses the techniques of Micropigmentation to offer treatments like Eyebrow Microblading, lip blush, permanent eyeliner etc.

B. Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp Micropigmentation is a special form of Micropigmentation that helps achieve great outcomes for clients with Hair-loss.

C. Paramedical micropigmentation
Paramedical micropigmentation includes treatments like camouflage of hypopigmented scars, camouflage of injury scars, areola restoration for post-cancer treatment clients etc.

There is no restriction and doors are open to anyone who is ready to put in the efforts that the field of permanent makeup and micropigmentation require.

3. Who can take the micropigmentation courses?

Generally speaking, in India, anyone who is interested in this field can take these courses. However, to become a successful micropigmentation or permanent makeup artists it does require a lot of effort, practice and patience. Most of the candidates come from the field of medical background, cosmetology, saloon industry and tattoo art. There is no restriction and doors are open to anyone who is ready to put in the efforts that the field of permanent makeup and micropigmentation require.

Career in Micropigmentation
4. What is the qualification requirement for pursuing training in Micropigmentation or permanent makeup?

In India, at the moment, there is no law that can forbid anyone from pursuing a training or career in the field of Micropigmentation or permanent makeup. Anyone with requisite hand-eye coordination, aesthetic sense and respect for hygiene and safety may pursue the training in Micropigmentation. Sense of visual aesthetics, artistic vision, drawing skills and as well previous experience in cosmetic procedures does help but is not an essential requirement as one can be trained in this with due efforts.

5. What is the scope of work or placement after permanent makeup courses?

Most of the candidates who get trained, prefer to start their own practice and build their own brand. Some of the candidates on the other hand, choose to offer their services as a freelancer at other established saloons or clinics etc. The permanent makeup practice offers one an independence to be the boss of his/her time and schedule the treatments as per one’s available timings/ days.

6. How much amount does one need to invest to start their own permanent makeup studio?

We guide our students in planning to set up their own professional permanent makeup studio from the scratch. The investment that setting up of a micropigmentation studio may require, varies across a wide spectrum. This is because, there are a lot of options when you choose your tools, place, setup etc.

Patience, persistence and practice paves the way for your professional journey in this field. And remember it’s not easy at all!

7. How much can one earn per month after permanent makeup training?

Many institutes advertise their training courses as a money minting machines. The field of permanent makeup seems very enticing and the financial prospects seem very enticing. However one must remember that the learning curve is not very steep. One has to put in great efforts and as well one develops the skills over time and not overnight. In the start, the clients are not going to Que outside your studio straight away. Patience, persistence and practice paves the way for your professional journey in this field. And remember it’s not easy at all! Only if you are passionate enough, this field could reward you back professionally and financially.

8. What are the risks associated with Permanent makeup practice?

The micropigmentation or permanent makeup procedures are minimally invasive in nature. This means that while performing these treatments, the upper layer of skin gets worked with micro needles, even if to only a little depth. This opens up the doors for any kind of infections and as well cross infection. That’s the reason, that any permanent makeup artist must be thoroughly trained in safety and hygiene. The risk of infection is also to the practitioners through needle stick injury or accidental exposure to clients infected body fluid.

9. What license does one require for setting up a Permanent makeup studio in India?

In India on the date of writing this article, there are no specific rules or regulations that control the licensing for professionals practicing permanent makeup or micropigmentation. There is no government licensing authority that may issue any kind of license for approval of a practitioner. One must however look at local municipality laws about proper disposal of bio-waste including blades, needles and swabs that touch body fluids etc.

Would you want anyone who is not trained in the field to touch your face for any procedure?

10. Can I practice permanent makeup or micropigmentation without training?

No one can stop you from doing that, other than your own ethical stand. Would you want anyone who is not trained in the field to touch your face for any procedure? The online training material is good to sharpen your skill once you have obtained your basic hands on training, however self learning on your own can pose risk to your initial clients as a guinea pig. If you are planning to pursue something professionally and earn your living from it, why as well not invest some money to learn the best practices of the field? It is not uncommon to see even the most experienced doctors or body artists get straight away to perform the permanent makeup procedures without any training and spoil the results due to over confidence. Training is your best investment in your profession.

Scalp micropigmentation training India
Scalp micropigmentation training
11. What kind of courses are available at Dermakraft®?

Dermakraft offers both foundational and advanced courses in the field of Micropigmentation through its academic wing ACADMiPi®.
Some of the courses that are available at ACADMiPi are:

1. Advanced course in Eyebrow permanent makeup
2. Advanced course in Full face permanent makeup
3. Advanced course in Scalp Micropigmentation

Other than these, there are various kinds of Masterclasses in specific fields of interest as per the professional requirements of the candidate.

12. Why is Dermakraft- ACADMiPi a great choice for Permanent makeup and micropigmentation training courses?

Our focus is on quality rather than quantity. We train only a selected number of candidates only at our training campus.

A. International standard course pedagogy
B. India’s most experienced trainer
C. Browcademy® accredited Permanent makeup courses
D. Scalpvarsity® accredited Scalp micropigmentation courses
E. One to one training with Hands on learning

For more details on Micropigmentation and Permanent makeup courses in India: http://www.dermakraft.com/academic-institutions/

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