The only one of its kind, an exclusive Eyebrow Clinic ; Browtannica is a Micropigmentation based Permanent Make-up centric brand, offering an encyclopedic approach for restorative and cosmetic enhancement of eyebrows. For those who value the true importance of this little but very conspicuous feature of our face. The one that speaks for itself by virtue of being a visual reflection of our internal state of mind. An eyebrow is nothing less than a crown that sits on the eye!
At our flagship Browtique™ in Pune, India, we offer our highly refined Browkraft™ technique, that skill fully blends the intricate art of microblading/ micro-pigmentation with judicious use of allied medical procedures like brow-lift with Bo.tox, Dermal thread-lift and PRP etc. to offer you the most natural looking enhanced eyebrow experience.

Most Popular Services at Browtannica

Browtannica’s interlocked hair stroke technique offers you the most natural looking eyebrow enhancement. Usually done for creating an appearance of thicker density or to restore perfect form and shape of an eyebrow, microblading can also be combined with shading to give bolder results.

We see many clients who walk into our clinic for micropigmentation, distressed by the very shape of their eyebrows. It turns out often that some of these people do not require any micropigmentation service but a simple reshaping to correct or restore the brow shape. In our Browkraft method, we do it with use of various other methods ranging from rejuvenation of hair follicles by PRP and other stem cell preparations, followed by face structure specific Browkrafting.

One of the most common Eyeliner permanent makeup procedures done at our clinic is the natural lash liner look. By judiciously micropigmenting the thickness of your existing lash line, the results obtained are nothing less than flattering. Some clients choose to get done a Classic liner to get more dramatic results.

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