Hellopecia, through awareness, advocacy and community service aims to build a congenial and receptive social environment for people suffering from Alopecia areata, cancer related hairloss and other such major hair-loss conditions. Organizing Alopecia Areata Support-group, School Awareness, coordinating Hair Donation for wigs for children suffering from Cancer are some of its prime activities, along with provision of suitable medical and allied support to deserving candidates.

Hellopecia’s non profit services includes

Hellopecia works towards creating a conducive social environment for people with conditions like alopecia areata totalis. Alopecia Support group meets strengthen the confidence of those in distress due to such conditions. Community awareness initiatives specially where a child is bullied at school etc due to such a condition, go a long way in bringing a positive change in their lives.

Hellopecia in association with Dermakraft’s premier SMP brand- Follicraft offers highly subsidised restorative Scalp micropigmentation treatments to the deserving patients with Alopecia areata totalis or universalis and other serious pathological hair loss conditions.

In various medical situations like madorsis, alopecia areata totalis, chemotherapy related hair loss burn or acid attack injuries etc a part or the whole eyebrow is lost. The loss of feature right on the face causes a major distress to some of the patients. Hellopecia in collaboration with Browtannica – The exclusive eyebrow clinic, offers highly subsidised restorative treatments for the deserving patients.

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