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Nothing reflects the youth and vivacity as do sheeny full lips. A little pout and you are all set for a cool selfie! A little twirl and the smile oozes sensuality. Numerous love stories that started with a single smile, also owe it to the lips. No wonder then, why poets flirt with it. Weather it is the defined margins, or the fuller volume that you desire, or it’s the lift for the drooping corners, or it’s the pale colour that bothers you, the integrated approach at Flying Kitsch offers you a vast array of possibilities to choose from. Once you are sure what you want, its our physicians’ job to make sure that the results compliments your other facial features well! Infact this is one area where some of our clients demand just a graceful appeal, but others rather ask for a tackier and cheesier look and feel!

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Most popular Flying Kitsch services

Permanent lip color can transform dull looking lips to fun and sexy lips without the need of any cosmetic surgery. This can do away with need of reapplying lipsticks time and again. Permanent lip colour can restore the charm of your lips like before.

A balanced use of lip micropigmentation to do a subtle outliner for lips that have lost their definition, not only enhances the over all look of the lips but also give a flattering lift to the face.

Gradient Lip micropigmentation can be used to create an appearance of a fuller lip and is a great option for creating more voluminous lips alone or with combination with Lip fillers.

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